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Thursday, 25 July 2024
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This SkyPool tm system is based on Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Other websites might be based on airport or town names. During the design phase, it was felt just not practical to do it that way. The site would have to have an absolutely insanely large database of world airports, as of 2024, there are ~20,500 airports in the US alone, and perhaps ~41,000-~72,000 around the world, depending on what one calls an airport., or world towns (~2.8 million or so). Even at that, if a user happened to miss spell the name or search on an obscure name that was not in the database, they wouldn't find anything. Add to that, thousands of pilots and airplane owners don't operate from FBOs, they operate from remote grass, dirt and community airpark strips.

So, this site asks everyone (pilots and the general public), when creating flight plans or Flight Watch Agents, to enter nearby towns for reference only, but then use a 2 digit decimal number for their latitude (lat) and longitude (lon) coordinates (for example: lat 34.39, lon -12.43).

FYI: Distances between latitude and longitude coordinates vary as you get further North or South from the equator, but the distance anywhere from Norway to South Africa, from 34.12 to 34.13 or from -104.23 to -104.22 can be very roughly rounded to ~1km.

This form allows the general public to search by a FROM lat/lon to a TO Lat/lon, adjusting the from/to coordinates by a comfortable travel distance. You can search Flight Plans, Watch Agents, or Both.
Departing Latitude and Longitude
FROM: ( Click here to find the Lat decimal number for your departure point (This sets the decimal coordinates for your account's usual (default) departure point). ) TO: ( Click here to find the Lon decimal number for your departure point (This sets the decimal coordinates for your account's usual (default) departure point). )
Enter FROM -> TO lat/long coordinates, using 2 decimal places
(exp: 34.12, -104.23).
FYI: The "approximate" distance from 34.12 to 34.13
or from -104.23 to -104.22 is 1km.
Search from today foreward:   - - OR - -  Entire File:
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Include travel distance to/from flight departure and destination coordinates?
Distance: (+/- # Kilometers or # Miles)     Kilometers:    Miles:
Searching on exact coordinates makes the chances of a match very unlikely ... but, if you allow/include some travel to/from departure coordinates (say, 50 miles/80 kilometers), then a match becomes more likely.
Our 'System Default' distance is: 30 kilometers or ~19 miles
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