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Monday, July 15th, 2024
SkyPool tm Press Release
Carpooling Move Over... Here Comes SkyPool tm(Again)!

Need to get down to Christchurch on Saturday from Auckland, travel to Toronto every other Wednesday from Winnipeg, want a simple and cost effective, way to go from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania four times a month, fly down from London now and again to visit an old friend in Lyon, France and looking for another way to get there, then you might want to check out sky pooling, the sky's cousin to land based carpooling.

"Lots of general aviation pilots are flying all over this world every day with empty seats in their planes, taking a flight to places where you might want to go."

Welcome to the 'new' SkyPool tm. This site has been totally redesigned from the ground up. The old site was put up back in 1999 and ran for ~17 years on a now obsolete web technology. It focused only on the US. That is, until the FAA changed the rules for US Pilots. This site has now been totally rewritten to accommodate the pilots and cost sharing general public world wide, where the rules permit the digital communications between pilots and the general public.

So ... for the moment ... United States pilots are able to login, create accounts and file flight plans, but the final link to eager cost sharing riders is, regrettably, disabled by redacting the contact information. This final step of being linked to cost sharing general public in US is on hold until the United States congress changes the rules. Check out current pending US legislation. When that day comes, United States flight sharing will be enabled.

In the meantime, I do allow the general public, worldwide, to post their flying desires (we call them 'Flight Watch Agents'). All postings, are for the time being, totally free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Fly SkyPool tm today!.

For more information send me an email.
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