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Monday, July 15th, 2024
About SkyPool tm
Carpooling Move Over... Here Comes SkyPool tm(Again)!

SkyPool tm is a place in cyber space to make a connection between a pilot flying somewhere and the general public. Someone who may be interested in going along and gladly sharing the cost of the trip. SkyPool tm, just like its land based cousin, carpooling, is a system for people to connect up for plane ride/cost sharing opportunities that is provided by this site at no charge.

We (this site) don't charge to help in making the connection, but Pilots anticipate sharing the cost of their flight with riders.


Pilots, of any skill level and with any flight certification. If you are planning a flight somewhere in the future, come in to SkyPool tm, register, tell us who you are and start filing flight plans for as many flights as you wish.


If you are interested in flying along in some pilot's extra empty seat(s), search through the flight plans here on our system. If you find one that fits your interest, then contact the pilot and set up a time and place to meet. You, as the ride/cost sharing public, must recognize, that the normal flight orginating from a SkyPool tm connection, IS NOT a commercial passenger service. With this form of flying, the ride/cost sharing public must acknowledge, be fully aware of and be generally comfortable with the fact that . . . the RIDE SHARING PASSENGER IS NOT a customer and, as such, is not accorded any rights or expectations normally associated with passenger or customer type relationships. You would be a cost sharing flier and are only accorded the rights normally associated with dealing with other people such as respect, courtesy and fair dealing. Again, with the normal SkyPool tm connection, this IS NOT a business/customer relationship.

The Pilot Options .. Our registered pilots have 2 options.
The Rider Options .. Our registered cost sharing riders have 3 options.
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